Cost and Billing Policy

Many insurance companies have several policies that intrude on client’s access to services:

  • Preauthorization and reauthorization of services
  • Limited coverage
  • Yearly session limits
  • Denial of coverage for services that do not meet insurances narrow definition of “medical necessity”
  • Requirement of diagnosis and/or clinical information to be shared with insurance company

At The Center for Health and Coping, each client maintains maximum control over therapy goals, and privacy of therapy records. That is, each client, with the advise of their CHaC therapist, decides how often and for how long to meet for therapy, who the CHaC therapist communicates with (and who they do not), and what health goals the therapy will address. No insurance companies decide what are important health concerns to remedy in therapy, and no diagnoses or information about symptoms are provided to insurance companies.

In order to avoid the aspects of insurance coverage that interfere with services, and maximize privacy of personal information, CHaC does not participate in insurance networks. Cost for services are listed below: 

Service Cost
Initial evaluation, Planning for therapy $180.00
Individual Psychotherapy $150.00
Couple Therapy $150.00
Family Therapy $150.00
Psychological Testing $185.00/hour